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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Just a few of my Fave Kentucky Etsy Shops

Being a local artist myself, I really love supporting other folks who are local, just doin' their thing. Etsy does a decent job of making shops searchable by the state they are in and I've managed to fan quite a few of our local Kentucky folks. 

This will be the first is a series, starting with where I live now and branching into some of the other places I have lived. So for those looking in Kentucky, here are just a few of my favorites.

1. Foodie Boards: https://www.etsy.com/shop/foodiebords - Robert Ellis - Columbia (Central)

Based in Western Kentucky, right along the Cumberland Parkway, south of Louisville and east of Bowling Green, this shop has such beautiful work. I have wanted to order one of these gorgeous cutting boards for a while now. He also has some amazing photography! This one is my favorite, both because it's an amazing photo and his use of the word 'snaggly'. 

2. Patent Prints: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PatentPrints
Bowling Green (Western)

I found this shop recently when looking for a unique gift for my husband. The man loves tanks (both the military version and the fish version) and the detail on these prints is excellent. There is tons of variety here, for almost any person. They even have Care Bears, Howdy-Doody, and a Nintendo 64 controller. In addition to prints, it has t-shirts, pillows and, mugs

3. A Crafty Concept: 
Ashley Stallsworth - Berea (Central)

I love to crochet, but I'm not this talented...yet! Her work ranges from the more practical beanie to beautiful wall hangings. This little dino backpack is my favorite item of hers, even though my kids are wayyyy to old for it. 

4. Sintique Artworks: 
Louisville (Central)

The artwork in this shop is gorgeous and she makes sure it's on a variety of different formats. If you like watercolor painting, you will love this shop. Her landscapes are stunning!

5. Bone Steel and Canvas:  
James T. Back - New Hope (Central)

This one is cool. The handmade knives, daggers and wands speak to the cool gamer and backwoodsmen and women out there. He even has a couple of lovely art prints. His work with animal bones is what bring me here though. He is located in a small town south of Bardstown and just west of Lexington.

6. Miller and Magnolia: 
Belfry (Eastern)

Belfry is in the far eastern part of Kentucky. This adorable shop does embroidery and applique, making great products for Kentucky folks and state hats for every other US state as well. They also monogram and make shirts as well. I love their stuff!

7. Anchored in Concrete: 

Koreana Comperry has lots of concrete based art, for a wide range of gifts. Her chicken on a fence is what caught my eye. It's just the cutest thing!

I also really like this little table for dads. 

This is just a few of my favorite artists - there are so many more! 

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