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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Doodle Review: Once Upon a Flock

When I first dove into the world of backyard chicken-keeping, the connection I felt to my ladies and the desire to just sit, drink coffee, and watch them was something I wasn't sure spoke for a healthy mental state.  I found myself fascinated by their individuality and quirky behaviors. It didn't take me long to realize that, even though I had gotten chickens of all the same breed and color, they were very different and needed names, something I hadn't considered initially. It also wasn't long, before I was completely in love. The author, Lauren Scheur, perfectly validates this experience in Once Upon a Flock: Life With My Soulful Chickens

Much like Lauren, I not only love my flock, but I also have a love for power tools and being outside in my backyard. Creating and learning has been one of my favorite parts of keeping chickens and is clearly hers as well. She breaks out the books and tools when she gets an idea, even building a small, low to the ground coop for a special needs chicken, much like one we built for our Cornish X hen we couldn't bring ourselves to have for dinner. She even has a Buff Orpington who acts like a weenie, just like mine. 

This sweet, easy to read, book is something everyone who has a small backyard flock should read. The author deals with different personalities, broodiness, health issues, and the surprise of having a boy when you don't want to annoy your neighbors. A delightful addition to the stories are her illustrations. She manages to weave words, photography and these perfect drawings to lure the reader into loving her flock as much as she does. I read this book in two evenings and I highly recommend you do the same.

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